Late afternoon and early evening can be a great time to have fun during your holiday, so, why not explore more and visit more interesting locations?

If you are visiting Bintan Island and looking for a great place to spend your late afternoon, we have prepared a list of recommended locations that you need to visit.

Lagoi Beach, Bintan Resorts

Lagoi beach is packed with many exciting activities for you to take on while spending your late afternoon. Play beach volleyball with friends, ride a kayak or get the exhilarating experience of riding a jet ski, your visit to Lagoi beach will never be boring.

You can also do some shopping at the nearby shopping center of Plaza Lagoi where you can find stores that provide various items and services including, accessories, fashion, food, and refreshing massage.

If you are looking for a nice place to have dinner, you can also visit Warung Yeah which is located right in front of the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful dusk sky while enjoying scrumptious food and drink at the outdoor seating.

Tepi Laut, Tanjungpinang

One of the best locations in Tanjungpinang to spend your time and wait for the sunset. Tepi Laut is a seaside plaza popular in Tanjungpinang where locals gather just to hang out or relax in the late afternoon to early evening. 

There is a kids' playground and open seating area where you can sit and enjoy the calming sight of the sea while enjoying street food from the nearby hawkers. Tepi Laut is also the location of one of the most iconic buildings in Tanjungpinang; Gedung Gonggong.

Sakera Beach, Tanjung Uban

Most of the beaches in Bintan are occupied by resorts, therefore you’ll have to pay admission fees to enter. But, if you are traveling on a budget, Sakera is your best choice. This beach is relatively easy to reach with just a 13 minutes drive from the heart of Tanjung Uban, the second largest town on Bintan Island. 

Like most beaches in Bintan, Sakera is decorated with soft, white sand and blue wave-less sea, perfect for those who look for tranquility. If you come here during low tide, you will also get the chance to witness the locals gathering at the beach in the search of various marine life like small fish, clams, and snails for food. 

Since Sakera is located on the west side of the island in the Tanjung Uban area. The main attraction on this beach is the gorgeous sunset. So make sure to come here at the right time to experience this absolute eye candy.

Penyengat Island

If you are interested in seeing the daily activities of the locals, Penyengat Island is the best location for you. Well adjusted for tourists, this small island is where the famous Yellow Mosque is located.

During the afternoon, you can spend your time exploring the island and visit various historic spots located on this island. The local community also offers a guided tour of the island where you will be told the story behind each historic location.

 In the late afternoon, you will see the locals ending their activities and preparing for their evening prayer at the Grand Mosque.

Akau Potong Lembu, Tanjungpinang

After a long day of exploring Bintan Island, there is no better way to end it than having delicious street food for dinner at Akau Potong Lembu. 

Akau Potong Lembu is a famous hawker center in Tanjung Pinang where you can find numerous hawkers that offer various types of street food ranging from Chinese, Padangnese, Malay, and many others. Functioning as a car park during the day, Akau Potong Lembu transforms into an open-air hawker center at night. It is popular amongst the locals of Tanjung Pinang for its cheap and delicious local fare.

If you happen to visit Bintan Island during Ramadan, this place will be packed with people who look for a tasty menu to break their fast. For Muslim travelers, you don't have to worry when you look for halal food in Akau Potong Lembu since vendors that serve non-halal food are required to state it on the banner and menu so you can differentiate them easily.

Include Bintan Island on Your Bucket List!

Bintan Island can be reached with a short ferry ride from Singapore, making it a great destination for your short vacation trip. Want to know more about Bintan Island and other traveling tips? check out other articles by clicking here.