Facing a situation that requires us to maintain the health and safety protocol at all times often gives us a sense of uncertainty and insecurity. We want to enjoy a hassle-free vacation to relax our mind and soul but at the same time refraining ourselves from participating in any activities to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19. We need to be careful in selecting what leisure activities we can enjoy that will not risk ourselves and affecting the rest. Here are some tips for a safer vacation experience;

 Choosing Outdoor Attractions or Activities

It is vital to identify what attractions or activities to choose when you are going for a vacation. One should avoid crowded places filled with a lot of people. On Bintan Island, there is an outdoor activity that you can select, which is the Safari Lagoi Bintan. With a vast area of ​​​​approximately 20 hectares, you can roam freely around the entity and enjoy the scenery.  

Bringing Your Cutlery

Outdoor activities will require much energy intake to stay fun and happy while on vacation. It is advisable to bring your cutlery to reduce contact with other people or used by others. Not to worry if you did not have it, at Lagoi Bay Bintan, you can easily purchase from the official Bintan Resorts merchandise that sells disposable cutleries. This cutlery set is made with environmentally friendly materials known as Resam wood. Resam wood is different from bamboo because it will not get moldy.

Always Complying with Health Protocols

Complying with the Health Protocol is now a new norm that everyone needs to oblige when carrying out activities. At Bintan Resorts itself, there are Health Protocols that must be adhered to when entering tourist areas. Remember to always comply with the Health Protocols requirements wherever you are such as wearing a mask, washing hands / using hand sanitizer, and maintain a physical distance.

Avoid taking Public Transportation

It is advisable to use private transport when you are on a Vacation. This intention is to minimize or avoid any direct contact with other people to reduce the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

The above are some tips that can make your vacation safer and more comfortable. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon so that we are able to enjoy more activities with our loved ones during the holiday.